Propergola – An attractive addition to your business or residential space 

We have listed some of the most common questions we are asked by customers. Please feel free to call or email us if you have more queries.

How does it work?
This modern and  beautiful system is designed to extend  the use throughout the year of any outdoor living or dining area – commercial or residential. 
Propergola operates on a similar to Venetian blinds  system to allow you to  open the roof louvers up to 90 degrees and control the sunlight, shade, rain, snow and airflow .
Why choose a louvered system?
Slightly open louvers will improve air circulation and help clear the smoke of the barbecue, but pergola is 100% waterproof  when louvers close completely.
No other cover system have that effect!
The rotating louver roof provides comfort and cover any time, any day no matter the weather! 
What is so special or different about this system?
Propergola  structure is made of 4 mm extruded alluminium that makes it way stronger then any other alluminium or plastic frame.
Wind proof up to 160km/h and snow load up to 150 kg/ sqm.
What happens when raining?
When it’s  raining and the roof is closed, integrated drainage system allows the rain water to gather in each roof louver ,then collect in the side panel and finally slide down in to one of the legs.
This gives the sleek and modern design and prevents dripping or leaking gutters!
Any specific maintenance tips?
Propergola system is practically maintenance free as the extruded  alluminium will not rust and the high quality  powder coated finish gives high UV weather resistance and there is no need to paint or stain as some timber frames. 
What is the warranty?
he structure comes with 5 years guarantee and 2 years for the motor.
What about size, colour or installation ?
The pergola is custom made for your needs.
Any colour from the RAL system can be done and the biggest size in one pergola is 4.5m x 7m , or pergolas can be joined to cover larger areas. Height is adjustable and is max 3m. 
What is the lead time?
Have in mind in the busy months you need to allow 8 weeks from order to installation!
What is important to know?
Propergola has the exclusive contract with OMV in Europe and makes pergolas for their coffee shops and restaurants in Central Europe(Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria,Serbia and Bulgaria)There is no other company in Europe to match Propergola Quality and Price.
The company also offers a lot of accessories for anyone that wants the perfect, luxurious finish like – LED lights, infrared heating,
Vertical sliding glass panels or fiberglass electric screens to stop the wind and rain on the sides, and all of this is remote controlled operated!
How do I get a price?
Just email a picture of your place and approximate size in meters and we will send you a quote within 24 hours.
Do you install in Dublin?
Yes, we cover all Ireland.

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