Pergola Side Options

(Screens & Sliding Glass)

Our electric roof pergola can also be used as a garden room or sun room by adding some side options (Screens & Sliding Glass).
All our pergolas can be partly or fully enclosed with sides (Electric Polycarbonate Screens, Horizontal Sliding Glass, Vertical Sliding Glass). Our electric fiberglass screens are pvc coated and provide sun protection. They are also wind proof (up to 60 km/ h) and rain proof. Screens come in a  great selection of colours and are remote controlled. When the screens are down they allow air flow and don’t fully block the light so you can still enjoy the view from inside.
We can also install sliding horizontal glass doors on one, two or all sides of the pergola turning it into a sun room.

Fibreglass Electric Screens

Electric screens are available in a selection of modern colors and patterns

Video of Electric Screen Operation

Horizontal Sliding Glass

Our horizontal sliding glass can be framed or frameless and is operated manually.

Vertical Sliding Glass

Our vertical sliding glass is framed and is remote controlled operated.

Video of Vertical Sliding Glass Operation


If you need a quote please email us a picture of where the pergola will be installed and the approximate size in meters and we will send you the price within 24 hours!